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Stop It! by Ayase-Kinjou Stop It! :iconayase-kinjou:Ayase-Kinjou 38 3 GEARTALE - Chapter0 - Page2 by Ayase-Kinjou GEARTALE - Chapter0 - Page2 :iconayase-kinjou:Ayase-Kinjou 27 5
Pyrrha Nikos x Male! Reader Part 1 The Gunslingers
Double story time! Probably going to overwork myself to death doing this but I can’t help it. I get a great idea for a story, I need to write it, and I like this idea the best. So here it is! This story is a Pyrrha x male reader fanfiction. Pyrrha was the second most requested in the last story of mine, so I decided to do this one on her. I do plan on continuing my Velvet story. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy. Let’s get into the read!
Three dark figures walk up the snow covered slopes of a towering mountain. The fog and blizzard strikes at them as they continue up the mountain, doing their best to ignore the fact that they can’t feel their hands or feet, despite wearing the best cold protection gear in all of Remnant. The leader keeps his eyes in front of him, not looking anywhere else. The middle one looks around every so often, trying to see thr
:iconbelgianwaffles2k:belgianwaffles2k 30 10
Mature content
Infinite Fallout: Chapter 1 :iconshieldbreaker18:ShieldBreaker18 7 4
RWBY Ruby X Male reader 8
As always
RWBY is owned by Roosterteeth.
The plot belongs to me.
Anyways, enjoy the story (if you can)

As we sat down and enjoyed our lunch, Nora started to tell some story about her and Ren. Meanwhile, me and Pyrrha were slightly concerned about Jaune, who was just pushing his food around.
Nora: So, there we were, in the middle of the night …
Ren: It was day
She then turns towards Blake, who was just reading her book not even the slightest bit interested in. Meanwhile Yang was cupping her head with her hands, while her and Guy were actually listening to what Nora told
Nora: We were surrounded by Ursai…
Ren: They were Beowulves.
Nora: Dozens of them!
Ren: Actually, it were two.
Nora: But, they were no match… And in the end me and Ren made a boatload of money selling Ursa skin rugs!
Guy: I have a LOT of questions about this…
Nora: Shoot!
Guy: How do you keep the ur
:icondjepser:Djepser 6 2
RWBY Ruby X Male reader 7
As always
RWBY is owned by Roosterteeth.
The plot belongs to me.
Anyways, enjoy the story (if you can)

Jaune charged at Cardin whilst screaming… Cardin easily dodged it and struck him, causing Jaune to lose his shield.
Guy: Something’s wrong with Jaune.
(y/n): I know, it seems like he doesn’t know what to do.
Cardin then kicked Jaune in his … intimate place, causing pained groans from all over the classroom. He laid on the ground while Cardin held his mace high, ready to take Jaune out. As he swung down a shield made of water protected Jaune. Guy’s eyes shot daggers at Cardin as he created some spikes on the shield, ready to attack him at any moment. Meanwhile, I was struggling to not break the bench we sat on. I grabbed it to refrain from getting angry, but sometimes it just won’t help
Glynda: ENOUGH! Mr. Evans thank you for protecting Mr. Arc, but co
:icondjepser:Djepser 10 9
RWBY Ruby X Male reader prologue 4
RWBY is owned by Roosterteeth.
The plot belongs to me.
Anyways, enjoy the story (if you can)

With that the three of you walked outside. You could see Ruby hugging her huge scythe, while yang turned her two bracelets into gauntlets.
(y/n): Who is my first victim?
Ruby and Yang than played a game of rock-paper-scissors, which Ruby lost. She then said something about one round being unfair and asking for a best of five, which she lost five in a row.
(y/n): I don’t think picking rock all the time was your best idea Ruby... So Yang, Ready to go?
Yang: Let’s have a “yangin” good time.
(y/n): I really should punch you for that one.... you know what, I’ll actually punch you for that one.
You could hear Ruby snickering, and as you turned your head to look at her Yang just charged you out of nowhere. You simply side-stepped and she flew right by you at full speed.
(y/n): That was
:icondjepser:Djepser 7 2
RWBY Ruby X Male reader prologue 2
Part 2 of the prologue of my Ruby X Male reader
as always:
RWBY is owned by Roosterteeth.
The plot belongs to me.
Anyways, enjoy the story (if you can)
As you slowly regained consciousness, you still felt some pain behind your eyes. You tried to move you arm to feel your eye, but you felt something holding you down. It was Tai’s hand, and you saw him sleeping on a chair next to you. Kinda strange… I mean, you just met him. He’s probably just concerned, because he did say something about wanting to train me himself. As you removed his hand from your arm, you felt him beginning to stir. As his eyes fluttered open, he realized that you were awake as well. However, as he looked you in the eyes, you saw confusion taking over his face. He just sat there watching your eyes for a while, until he eventually called for Rae.
Rae: Tai, what’s the matter-----
As she walked in she immediately notice my ey
:icondjepser:Djepser 7 0
Fear The Old Blood Bloodborne/RWBY MReader Insert

Part Three: Rewriting History
Mariana's P.O.V 

    I was walking around the courtyard of Beacon during the middle of the night, just trying to figure out my way around the school even if I've already been here for a few hours, and to also clear some stuff from my head. I really didn't want to leave Y/n's side when we got here but I wasn't authorized to enter the emergency room. After they asked me to wait outside professor Ozpin came up to me to talk...along with Qrow.
 Hello Ms. Salvator
Marian: Hello professor Ozpin...(looks over at Qrow) and you
Qrow: How's your brother holdin' up?
Mariana: ...I don't know, he managed to get himself injured and lost a lot of blood in the process, but besides that...I don't know
Ozpin: Don't worry Ms. Salvator, I'm sure he'll be alright
Mariana: I hope so...
:icongetsugatenchou:GetsugaTenchou 6 13
Moka x Male Reader! The Power Within! Part 1
Hey everyone!! this is the beginning of my new series. I hope you all enjoy this. I've already written up all the chapters because I wrote this quite a while ago.
A school for Monsters. You couldn’t believe it, well I guess you couldn’t say much since you where a Monster. Kind of. Your actually a surviving member of an extinct race called the Sayian’s. You had no real background to yourself. Your a 19 year old boy around average height with shoulder length silver hair. You have dark blue eyes and a cool scar going over your right one. You kinda looked like a delinquent but was actually a nice boy.
Your foster parents decided that it would be best to send you off to a boarding school to help with your learning. you loved your foster Mother and Father, they were nice people. They had been looking after you since you were 4 years old. They had taught you
:iconragnarock7400:Ragnarock7400 61 37
Male!Youtuber!Reader x D.Va - Chapter 1

I need a title for this series.
I was rendering my in depth review on Godzilla for PS4 and let me just say this, ‘The generator is losing power…Godzilla is approaching the generator…’. Today was the start ‘Worst Game Month’ for me on Twitch and today was I had to play Rambo: The Video Game with Angry Joe to surprise him because we all know that ‘he’s a man, not a god’. As I was waiting for the video to upload, I turned on my TV and watched the Starcraft tournament about to go down and I watched as the camera panned over the team from South Korea as it showed their most beautiful player, Hana Song otherwise known as D.Va. I had a crush on the fun-sized person, but I bet lots of gamers did as well because she was pretty famous. After the members of both teams were introduced, there came a commercial break about Domino’s and I turned my attention towards my phone and looked at the mess
:iconpopdood:popdood 40 10
Forbiddentale page 11 by joselyn565 Forbiddentale page 11 :iconjoselyn565:joselyn565 140 46 Quantumtale Pg. 13 by perfectshadow06 Quantumtale Pg. 13 :iconperfectshadow06:perfectshadow06 316 89 DeeperDown Page 188 by Zeragii DeeperDown Page 188 :iconzeragii:Zeragii 190 424 DeeperDown Page Ninety-Eight by Zeragii DeeperDown Page Ninety-Eight :iconzeragii:Zeragii 95 50 DeeperDown Page Four by Zeragii DeeperDown Page Four :iconzeragii:Zeragii 74 5


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