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::Nightmaretale - pg 97:: :iconxxmileikaivanaxx:xxMileikaIvanaxx 432 246
Not Giving In (Fem!Chara x Male!Reader)
You were where you stood only once before. The time you killed everyone, stained with the blood and dust of each and every monster you met in the Underground. This place, most like a gap between time and space, was completely dark, only there for you stop and stare. It wasn't exactly the place you knew once before. Because the last time you were here in this odd world breaking stand, you had only wanted to go home. That was when you had first met Chara, a girl who seemed to believe in you when you started killing each and every living being in this place. Even that annoying talking flower who thought you were her.
The only similarities between you and Chara at that time were your motives, your reasons for killing off the world. But after speaking with her, you realized what you had done wasn't the correct answer. You weren't exactly doing what you knew you could do, you were only fighting your hardest and reloading in order to go back home. It was an accident that you had fallen from t
:iconswordsnipersinon:SwordSniperSinon 97 26
Undertale x M!Reader Ch. 13
Sweating a little... Sorry guys there has been a lot of things going on in life and work gets in the way so i haven't had enough time to write. Well here's chapter 13 and chapter 14 isn't far behind. I promise. Oh and if you find spelling errors tell me in the comments and I will happily fix them. Thanks:D (Big Grin) 
Awakening from your strange, unbearable slumber, you carefully rolled onto your back to look up at the bottom of your cellphone. You had somehow ended up under the glass coffee table after drinking the sleep-inducing drink. Giving a long yawn and joint popping stretch, you kept your hands above your head as the stinging pain reawaken in your abdomen before intensifying which suddenly stopped. All you could remember from last night is that after drinking the warm milk, Sans and yourself began to doze off then he began to lean on you forcing you to take havoc on the floor. A soft groan left your lips a you
:iconxrod4:xrod4 14 5
Undertale x M!Reader Ch. 3
I think this is the worst chapter I've written.
Alright guys here is the third chapter. There is a small backstory to the reader and its kind of sad. I don't own Undertale or any of its characters.

   A warm wet feeling settled on your stomach and forehead as you slowly and painfully opened your eyes to take in your surroundings. You were in your room. You slowly sat up as a dull throbbing pain filled your head. Looking around, you were only able to find small bucket half way full with water near your bedside. The door creaked open, revealing Toriel holding a bed tray with a bowl of soup and a slice of pie and Frisk following behind her with a few dry towels and a small bucket full of water.
   "I see that you have woken up. How are you feeling?" Toriel whispered placing the bed tray on the bed table.
   " ...Wa - water...plea... please." Your throat felt like sandpaper as those words barely escaped your dry mouth. She ha
:iconxrod4:xrod4 31 10
Mature content
RWBY X Male!Vault Hunter!Reader (Chapter III) :iconoperator-24:Operator-24 16 16
Male!Reader x Hope Summers - Prologue

So, you’re a mutant in this fic and you are the Lord of the Red and you can turn into any ‘Red Eyes’ monster. Here is the fic.
I was walking through the streets of New York City with my (f/c) hoodie in a black leather vest with the hood pulled up as I walked around the busy streets. I had to bide my time out in the public because of the Purists running around, so I couldn’t get a peaceful time to breathe or at least, walk without having fear of exposing my mutant powers. My mutant ability is to gain black dragon scales and eventually turn into various creatures, all with red eyes. I guess I found out I was a mutant when I first was born, but I never grasp the concept of one or there wasn’t a term for it because all of the creatures I could turn into all possessed red eyes, which in itself isn’t normal in the slightest.
I kept on walking and I noticed a couple of people following me for a suspicious amount
:iconpopdood:popdood 20 10
Mature content
RWBY X Male!Vault Hunter!Reader (Chapter XI) :iconoperator-24:Operator-24 16 13
The Hidden Dragon Ch. 1 (Fairy Tail x Male Reader)
Hello folks, its PhantomMaster18 here with my very first Deviant. (I'm going to try to cover most of the main arcs of Fairy Tail and skip over some fillers.)
(Y/N) - Your Name
(L/N) - Last Name
(F/N) - Full Name
(F/C) - Favorite Color
(F/C 2) - Second Favorite Color
(H/C) - Hair Color
(H/S) - Hair Style
Some Background Information
You are a triple element DragonSlayer, the only one around actually, but you don't know it yet. You and Natsu are sworn brothers, as Igneel and Ruingall (your foster dragon) often visited each other. Ruingall is a Dragon that could control Fire, Lightning, and Wind, but, only taught you how to use Lightning Dragonslayer Magic. Ruingall did however, give you the Dragon Slayer Magic of all 3 elements without you knowing, but restricted your access to only one element until you were old enough to realize you had and were master Fire and Wind. Like Natsu, you also have a flying cat by the name of Ren. You live in Magnolia with Natsu as a part o
:iconphantommaster18:PhantomMaster18 42 14
Composed!Male Reader X Kill La Kill
Chapter One: Prologue
" " = Speaking
' ' = Thinking
(A/u) = Author
(F/c) = Favorite Color
(H/c) = Hair Color
(H/l) = Hair Length
(E/c) = Eye Color
(Y/n) = First Name
A young (h/l) (h/c) fellow who is wearing a (f/c) long sleeve crew neck shirt that hugs his body showing off outlining of his pecs and abs and some jogging stitch (f/c) washed-out sweat pants with (f/c) sneakers. On a train arriving in Honnō City; it's divided into four levels of residential buildings that are delegated to each student and their families based on the student's Goku Uniform ranking at Honnōji Academy. The higher the Star ranking, the more prestigious the standard of living, with No-Stars being relegated to the slums.
He looks around the area seeing how it goes from rags to riches and smiles "Well I guess that's how things are here, working your way up to be with the big dogs"
The train stops at a station, high up "That's a long way down...feel sorry for t
:iconbloodroses44:Bloodroses44 23 2
Home Grown chptr10
Grillby had been at work when the foreboding presence passed through Snowdin. The atmosphere in the bar had been calm and relaxed, as it always was, but it quickly became tense and suffocating with fear when the feeling of a very powerful magic passed the establishment. Grillby had never felt such a magic before. It felt… dark; evil almost.
No one moved as the, Grillby didn’t even know what to call this, thing passed, and once the immense pressure of magic was gone the fire monster raced to the daycare. The presence had to pass the daycare as it made its way from the bar and that terrified Grillby. Sans and Papyrus could be in danger, and Gaster was probably still at Home seeing the King and Queen, so Grillby took it upon himself to make sure the boys were safe.
Banging his fist on the door, and having to argue with the monster behind the door after a few more knocks, Grillby sped into the home and what he walked into could best be described as a mess. Children of
:iconbluejay1995:bluejay1995 121 249
I've Just Seen a Face... (Sans x Reader) Chapter 2
Well. This was new.
Your life had been static for ten years. You sat in the forest all day, looking at the trees and sometimes playing in the snow. You built snowmen, all the stuff you used to do as a kid. It was... Fun. It was so much fun to do things without your parents breathing down your neck. It was so much fun to be alone, finally. As an angsty teenager, you'd liked your solitude. A day home alone was something you welcomed. However, as years passed, it got... Boring. As much as you loved it, you were so bored. Life was the same every day. And now, walking along with these two skeletons, you found yourself rubbing the back of your wispy neck nervously. You hadn't had human contact in years. And while this wasn't exactly human contact, you still felt a nervousness building up in your gut. Or, whatever was there.
You took this time in silence with them to observe them a bit more. The tall one was wearing a cape, and something that looked like your Halloween costume from when you w
:iconchristhememequeen:ChrisTheMemeQueen 138 18
Penny x Male reader! Friends? Part 4
Hey guys!
I'm really really sorry for the delay on this part, I will do my best to get back to my old schedule!
I hope you all enjoy part 4 and thank you all so much for being patient with me :D :D :D
That was it... You had enough...
You had been holding off on your departure from here because you wanted to know the truth... Now... You know...
The reason Penny is the way she is... Is because the General transferred what was left of Ivy... Into Penny... Almost like Ivy was being reborn... Only it wasn't fully Ivy...
That still didn't sit well with you...
You got up from the seat you were in, and left the facility...
You made it back to your room quickly, tears streaming down your cheeks.
You sat on your bed and cried... You cried for the girl that you once loved... She was still in there... But she wasn't her... Penny might h
:iconnubsthecaterpie:NubsTheCaterpie 58 81
Fear The Old Blood Bloodborne/Rwby MReader Insert

I'm sorry if my writing is terrible, I'm not much of a writer. I just wanted to share my idea with you guys. So I'll try my best!
(Y/N)-Your Name, (H/C)-Heir Color, (H/L)-Length, (E/C)-Eye Color
RWBY Hype!!
 => [link]  Bloodborne Hype!! => [link]
Alright lets get started shall we?
Nightmare One: Part One
"Ludwig was the first of many Healing Church hunters to come, many of Whom were clerics."
 -Sword Hunter Badge
No Ones P.O.V
    Everyone in beacon academy was in the middle of class, just waiting for the bell to ring. The final class before summer finally started and everyone would be able to have fun with friends and (po
:icongetsugatenchou:GetsugaTenchou 18 21
Pyrrha Nikos X Male!Veil-Walker!Faunus!Reader
Part: (2/?)- These aren't the droids you're looking for...
(y/n)-your name
(e/c)-eye color
(f/c)-favorite color
(a/n)-author's note
(f/b)-favorite beverage
(h/c)- hair color
(h/l)- hair length
(m/n)- mother's name
(b/n)- bully name
Reader POV
        I groggily opened my eyes, seeing a white ceiling above me. I leaned up, but grunted in pain and fell back down. I let my eyes adjust to the light for a moment to see that I was in what looked like an infirmary. There were rows of beds and curtains in the area, as well as what looked like an unoccupied front desk. I looked down and saw that I was fully dressed, my wounds healed and no bandages. I looked over and saw that my hat was sitting on the bedside table, as well as my gloves. I quickly but on my hat, then my gloves. As I flexed them to make sure the claws still came out I overheard someone walking in the room. I hid the claws and looked at the door, not standing up as I saw two people walk i
:iconshadowsouls0:shadowsouls0 12 4
Mature content
Velvet Scarlatina X Male!Revenant!Reader :iconshadowsouls0:shadowsouls0 17 4
Mature content
New world part 7 :iconzianus:Zianus 4 0


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Name: Jason Mercer

Nickname: The Wanderer

Age: 17

Status: Non-Hostile to anything not Atlas, will not hesitate to shoot any Atlas soldiers in the direct area. Wanders from town to town killing all Atlas troops he finds in search for revenge.

Species(Human/Faunus/demon/Grimm): Human

Personality: Doesn't talk much, oftenly replies with short and simple sentences (like Crow from Evolve if you know the guy). Only replies when he choses to do so

Semblance and how they can use it: Semblance is a sort of Thermal vision that works through walls, can only be sustained for a very short amount of time. Can be used to spot enemies through walls.

Aura colour: Crimson Red

Abilities(include; special use of aura (Example: healing others or enhance attacks)): none

Weapon: Shock, A Long range Rail-Gun that can shoot through walls with a fully charged shot, but not with any other kind of charge. A fully charged shot takes 25 seconds to recharge, any other shot 15. To compensate for any overpowerdness it does not have a melee form, leaving Jason vulnerable up close but devastatingly strong at about 100 m to 1000m

Clothing: Casual attire: A Black shirt with a pair of jeans and matching sneakers. Combat attire: An assassin robe like the one from AC3, but Black with Crimson lining and detailing.

Relationships(If there is one): none
Has a good relationship with his team if he is placed in one
Hates anything to do with Atlas.

Family: Both parents died in an armed intervention by Atlas troops. He has spent most of his life alone, this is why he doesn't talk much.

Backstory; up to the point where they arrive at Beacon (Please be detailed):

So you want to know my story? Okay, but it is not a story about rainbows and unicorns. My name is Jason Mercer, but most people who have seen me just call me The Wanderer. Why? I never stop at one town or city too long. Maybe a couple of days, but not longer. I am alone, and i'd like to keep it that way.

I was about 4 years old when it happened, I could hear screams and the sound of gunshots right outside my room. I was too young to realize, but there were Atlas troops moving through the village. Shooting all Faunus on sight, and not caring for cross-fire casualties. As soon as they reached our house they kicked open the door and started shooting. I remember my mom screaming, before i even figured out what was happening my dad shoved his Rail-Gun into my hands en told me to run. So I ran. As far as I could, as fast as I could. I didn't look back.

~Timeskip of about 13 years brought to you by a lazy writer~

In an alleyway, somewhere in the northern part of the City of Vale. A person is seen looming over a dead Atlas patrol team
(In Head) Me: *Sigh* You guys don't put up a fight at all
(In Head) Me: I should get out of here.

As I walk out of the alley a police officer walks up to me.
Officer: Young man, I have received a tip from someone saying that there was some suspicious activity in the area. Have you seen anything out of the ordinary?
Me: Hmm, no.
Officer: Alright, *Shows me a picture of a ginger with in a white suit with a black bowl hat on* have you by any chance seen this man?
Me: No
Officer: Very well, thank you for your cooperation.

(In head) Me: It's getting dark, where was that dust shop again?
I start walking to a dust shop named From Dust Till Dawn, me and the owner go a ways back. So he may let me spend the night there.

~Timeskip to the next morning~

I thank the owner for letting me stay the night and started heading towards a large building that somewhat resembles a gym, I heard they are letting students who couldn't be at the normal Beacon Academy entry exams take these ones. So they also have a chance at entering Beacon. This is my chance at entering Beacon. I am not going to waste it

~at the building~
Guard: Name and school please
Me: Jason, Signal
Guard: Sorry, you're not on the list.
Me: I should be, I signed up.
Guard: Well, i'm not going to ruin someones chance to get into Beacon because the higher-ups made a mistake. Head on in, good luck kid
Me: Thanks.

I sat down on one of the tables and started making the exercises, they weren't hard at all!

~A fews days later, Jason was told he'd passed the exams and a bulkhead would pick him up and bring hem to beacon~

*In the bulkhead*(In Head) Me: Wow, there are a lot of people in here. Let's see who stands out the most, see who i should probably avoid. Alright so, there's a girl with yellow hair making a lot of noise talking to her friend. There's someone in white armor what has... motion sickness? already feel sorry for him. Umm... thats about it. Now let's find a nice quite place to sleep.
The Wanderer
My OC for Jipsigamer's story

No Seriously, this is a test
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