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Monochrome (Fem!Rin Okumura x Male!Demon!Reader)
Monochrome AU: Everyone sees in black/white tones until they meet their soulmate.
You couldn't remember how long it'd been since you'd met Rin Okumura. There was no doubt in your mind that you thought she was beautiful, with her long, black hair and brilliant, grey eyes. You had been told that they were blue, but you weren't quite sure what 'blue' looked like. You adored the way that she could handle herself in a fight and how she wasn't afraid of anyone or thing. When she got into a fight with someone and ended up needing a bandage on her face, you thought she looked all the more badass.
You had been there for her when no one else had, and you were her first friend. It was safe to say that you had fallen for her long ago. But, you knew it'd never work out. You were a full-fledged demon, and she was only half-demon. You had known about her demon side before she had, but you'd kept quiet on the matter. You knew that she had needed to learn for herself. However, that hadn't stoppe
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 146 3,415
Commission - Anodyne Banshee Prime by Kevin-Glint Commission - Anodyne Banshee Prime :iconkevin-glint:Kevin-Glint 779 39 Time Scar - 00 by C-Puff Time Scar - 00 :iconc-puff:C-Puff 341 63 SPOILER - Adult!Frisk by Jeyawue SPOILER - Adult!Frisk :iconjeyawue:Jeyawue 95 19 Warframe - Crack shots in space by theDURRRRIAN Warframe - Crack shots in space :iconthedurrrrian:theDURRRRIAN 2,624 64
Mature content
Orokin Embers: Prolog :iconniekitty:niekitty 5 14
Anesthetic's for babies by zarla Anesthetic's for babies :iconzarla:zarla 3,199 974
The Electrical Conduit Korra x Male Reader CH10

Artwork By: Sakimichan
Chapter Ten: Who Sent You?
(Your POV)
Two weeks later and she has not made a single mistake today. She's a fast learner. Most take months to learn this stuff. That'll change once I teach her how to channel the electricity however. We haven't moved on from just normal rope darts since we started. I need her to have a basic understanding of how to use one properly before I can teach her anything else. We haven't really gone into the city much over these two weeks mainly due to training and me wanting to be close to Olivia since she was sick. She's not anymore so now we could. She ends her session and I speak.
You: "You're a natural. I don't think anyone has learned to use a rope dart that quickly. There is still room for improvement but I think we can safely move to the next step." I said smiling slightly. She looks at me bowing before me. "Stop." She does just that standing back up straigh
:iconsilver0whisp:Silver0Whisp 24 3
The Avatar and the Dark One: Chapter 1
(YN) Your full name
(F/N) First name
(L/N) Last name
(H/L) Hair Length
(H/C) Hair Color
(E/C) Eye color
(Your P.O.V.)
I was woken from an uneasy sleep by my leg, the pain shooting up through my bones nearing unbearable levels yet again. Chained to the wall as I am I can’t rub it, or even ease it with my limited healing abilities. My power had been slowly returning for a time now, the past few months I had spent in the realm of the Avatar and its connection to the elemental spirits, had allowed me a decently sized river of the force to regain most of my abilities. The republic leaders were certainly smart to have me banished to a realm without the force, hell even the ensuing gated realms had little to no connection. Why they would place this realm along the path though….perhaps an oversight.  Perhaps, perhaps they expected me to ‘stretch my legs’ as the saying goes, and those within this realm would take action against me. Well….they weren’t wro
:iconxreaderwriter5:XReaderwriter5 13 9
Demi vs True!Xans [Collab w. Crossoverdude] by Jeyawue Demi vs True!Xans [Collab w. Crossoverdude] :iconjeyawue:Jeyawue 233 19 [Ask#49] Lil princess by Jeyawue [Ask#49] Lil princess :iconjeyawue:Jeyawue 90 46 [Ask#35] Spoon or not by Jeyawue [Ask#35] Spoon or not :iconjeyawue:Jeyawue 68 8
Gaster Gangxreader A New Arrival
“So yeah... that's what happened.”  Fell finished explaining as he motioned to the new monster.  Apparently Fell had found him wandering around in the void while he was on patrol.
He looked like a perfect blend of Swap and Fell.  His eyes were blue and orange like Swaps, but the tops had a hint of red mixed in creating an orange and a maroon color.  The cracks on his face mirrored Fell's.  He was wearing casual clothes: a black jacket lined with fur at the hood, a burnt orange turtle neck that was tucked into his black slacks, and sharp black shoes.  
“I see,”  Wing-Dings rubbed his chin in thought.  “Well we are going to have to rethink the sleeping situation.  Also we need to figure out what to call him.”
“Oh I know!”  Swap chirped happily with a raised hand.  “Since he looks like a combination of Fell and I why not call him Swapfell!”
Fell rolled his eyes.  “
:icondarkangelgirl1116:DarkAngelGirl1116 10 8
[Ask#77] Special attack by Jeyawue [Ask#77] Special attack :iconjeyawue:Jeyawue 83 14
Halo: The Clone Wars Chapter 1
Chapter 1
First Contact
Less than a day later, Sam was no longer the only living thing within a couple thousand light years of the station. Nor was the mysterious ship the only means of space travel residing in this area. Now, on the other side of Sam's station hung two UNSC ships. They resembled Halcyon-class cruisers, like the famed Pillar of Autumn, but they were much larger, almost the size of a Covenant Assault Carrier. The visual resemblance ended with their aft sections, which carried four full-sized engines to the Halcyon's two full-size and six smaller. They were arranged in a rectangle, on outrigger like structures similar to the ones sported by frigates of the now-renamed In Amber Clad class, named for the famous ship that had been part of it. It had been described my one UNSC engineers as "if someone had cut the back end off a frigate, scooted it up a couple meters, and slapped an identical engine block upside down below it."
These were the newest UNSC ships of the line, bu
:iconstraif5:Straif5 5 0
Frans I Guess by Jeyawue Frans I Guess :iconjeyawue:Jeyawue 98 18


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